Lesson 7 – Left Channel

Your left energy channel (called Ida nadi in Sanskrit), also known as the moon channel, begins at the Mooladhara chakra and travels up the left side of your body, terminating in the superego area on the right side of your mind-brain. The superego is the storehouse of all your memories, habits and conditionings. Your superego is also the area of your brain that encourages moral behavior.

Joy is an essential quality associated with the left energy channel. Ideally, it is felt as the innocent joy of a child. Remember when you were a young child and you’d wake up happy every morning? The joy carried by the left energy channel feels just like that. As adults, we long for this joy, though we don’t often find it. It may become blocked or “bruised” by some of our life experiences. However, it still lives within us and can be awakened through meditation.

If you have a problem with your left energy channel, you may experience emotional extremes. This includes moods that shift rapidly from elation to depression and back again. You may also experience lethargy and extreme passivity. Remember the lack of energy and desire you felt as you sat around, doing nothing at all? That feeling may have been caused by a problem with your left energy channel.

In summary, your left energy channel influences your emotions, feelings and desires. It is also connected to your memories and past experiences. As long as your emotions stay at normal levels, you’ll do just fine. However, if you’re feeling extremes of emotion such as depression, gloominess and brooding, then it’s time to do something about it. All you need to start clearing your left channel is meditation. Sahaja Yoga techniques are easy, safe and the renewed feelings of joy and energy you’ll experience can be positively addictive.

We have to see around ourselves the whole nature enjoys itself, it doesn’t bother, doesn’t bother about anything … The flowers that come out for a short time and fade out – but as long as they live they are very happy. They don’t think of their past or of their future; but they enjoy the present – and in the present they enjoy … they are fragrant and giving fragrance to others. They are beautiful and they are soothing others; the whole nature is like that.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

You have to respect yourself. We have no right to degrade ourselves for nothing at all. This human life is very precious and also worthy of respect. So you forgive yourself fully.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Manifestations of Overactive Left Channel

Lethargy, low self-esteem, guilt, living in the past, laziness, fear.

Techniques for Clearing the Left Channel

  • Meditating with the right hand on the earth, the left hand towards Shri Mataji
  • 3 Candle technique

Light three candles and, preferably, sit on the floor cross-legged. The candles should be big enough to give a good-sized flame as this will work better. Place the candles in a suitable candle holder.

Place one candle just in front of you so that whilst holding the left hand palm upwards, the flame is just in front of the fingers of the left hand. Then place the second candle just behind you on the left side. Making sure the candle is far enough from your body to avoid setting fire to your clothes.

The third candle should preferably be shorter than the other two and is held in the right hand. First, move the candle up and down the left side of your body for a few minutes, at a suitable distance so that you do not burn your hair or clothes.

Next work on each chakra of the left side by rotating the candle for a few minutes clockwise, in front of the chakra. Start with the Mooladhara and Swadhisthan and finish with the superego on the right side of the head. Before finishing, move the candle up and down the left side of the body once again.