Lesson 2 – Balancing

The Kundalini travels throughout your body by way of three energy channels, or nadis. The three nadis are the left channel, the right channel and the center channel. All three work perfectly together to integrate and balance the flow of your Kundalini. Each also plays a specific role in maintaining your emotions, moods and physical health.

Each of the chakras is located on all the three channels. As the Kundalini energy rises through the central channel, it nourishes each chakra, the center, left and right side of each chakra. And then reaches the last Chakra known as the Sahastrara.

All this happens in a split second and nearly instantaneously. Also the rising of the Kundalini energy really means that a few strands of the thread-like Kundalini energy rise.

Left side (Ida Nadi) works for your emotions and desires, the right side (Pingala Nadi) works for your physical and mental. And the central path which we call as ‘Shushumna’ is the one that is for our ascent, kept ready.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Kundalini Bandhan

We will go through a small exercise we do every time before and after our meditation called Kundalini Bandan. The first part symbolizes our desire to raise our energy and keep it raised throughout the day. For this we place our left hand which is the hand of our desire in front of our sacrum bone raising it slowly along our spine and with our right hand -the hand of action we wrap it around the left hand in a slow circular motion. Once you get to the top, you tie a knot. Symbolically tying your energy so it stays up. We repeat this two more times. The third time we will tie three knots. Symbolizing each of our energy channels.

The second part symbolizes as shield of protection which we place upon ourselves. Here we keep our left hand on our lap and with our right hand we spread our energy from one side of our body to the other and back, forming a kind of rainbow-like shape. We do this seven times, once for each energy center.

This exercise should be done before and after meditation but also before leaving house in the morning and going to work to keep yourself in protection throughout the day.

Balancing Energy Channels

The act of simply sitting on the earth, helps nourish and balance your subtle energy system. Your body and your chakras or energy centers are composed of nature’s five elements: earth, water, air, fire and ether. Each element is used to replenish and cleanse the subtle energy system. The earth element is especially a powerful medium for nourishing your energy centers due to it’s innate ability to absorb the negative energies within us.

To completely balance your subtle energy system, sit on the ground in a comfortable cross-legged fashion and just relax. It is important to sit directly on the ground itself rather than on a mat or rug. Place both hands on the ground beside your hips, palms facing downward. For a deeper cleansing experience, repeat this phrase several times “Mother Earth, please remove all the obstacles and negativities in my subtle energy system.”

Next, you’ll balance the left and right sides. Each side should take approximately 2-3 minutes. If you are sitting on the ground, you’ll balance your left side by first placing your right hand on the earth. If you are sitting on a chair, point your right hand down toward the ground. With your left hand open in your lap, palm up, ask silently from your heart “Energy within, please remove all the imbalances of my left side into Mother Earth.”

To balance your right side, place your right hand in your lap, palm up and bend your left hand upward with your left palm facing inward. Ask silently from your heart “Energy within, please remove all the imbalances of my right side into the ether or sky.”

Then place both hands back in your lap, palms facing upwards. With pure desire from your heart, ask “Energy within, please grant me the state of meditation.” Repeat this phrase 2-3 times, directing your attention to the top of your head. This technique may also be performed sitting on a chair with your bare feet touching the ground.

Morning Meditation

Morning meditation helps your day be more positive.

Sit with your hands on your laps palm upwards. Raise your Kundalini and give yourself bandhan. Close your eyes. Watch your thoughts and let go of any thoughts in your mind. Be patient! The thoughts will gradually recede and the gaps between them will increase. If your attention is wandering, say “where is my attention?”. It will bring your attention back to your Spirit and stop the thoughts. Try to identify with your Spirit by saying “I am the Spirit, not this body or these thoughts”.

If thoughts are still there, you can say “Not this thought”, each time a thought rises, and the thoughts will slowly give up. You can also say “I forgive everyone”. Say this sincerely from the heart and it will have a much more powerful effect. If you are thoughtlessly aware, relax and enjoy the meditation! Keep watching your thoughts. Keep your attention inside and see how you are feeling. You should start to feel peaceful and joyful. Finally, try to put your attention onto the Sahasrara chakra, on top of the head, for a few minutes.
Raise your Kundalini and give yourself bandhan.

Evening Meditation

Evening meditation helps you clear the blockages in your chakras and give you a balance. It is best if you do before you go to sleep. You can do evening meditation like below order:

  • Do Kundalini Bandhan exercise
  • Balance your left and right channels
  • Repeat the Self-realization meditation from the video
  • Do Kundalini Bandhan exercise