Lesson 4 – Kundalini

The Kundalini is a subtle, mother energy that resides in the sacrum bone at the base of the spinal column, in three and a half coils. It lies dormant but, like a tiny seed when the conditions are right, can awaken and grow into a mighty tree.

In the same way that an electrical cable connects a computer to the mains, the awakened Kundalini connects the human awareness to the all-pervading power.

The Kundalini can be thought of as a rope with a thousand strands; when we first get Self-realization, only one or two strands find their way through the chakras and reach the Sahastrara chakra at the crown of the head.
However, with twice-daily meditation, gradually more strands of the Kundalini connect us and the experience of meditation becomes more profound and blissful.

In the presence of pure vibrations, the Kundalini raises through the chakras, unites with the Self and reaches to Sahasrara Chakra. Once we enjoy being in this state, we are able to forget about our material and physical comforts and we stop worrying.

The presence of vibrations awakens the Kundalini, which either begins to rise or rises with greater force. As She rises, the Kundalini clears the chakras or points out blockages in those chakras. Using vibrations, the blockages in the chakras can be cleared. Then the attention is purified and we become more peaceful. At the same time, the Self is nourished by vibrations and manifests more. Once settled in the Sahasrara, the Kundalini unifies the attention with the Spirit (the Self). All that remains is to enjoy the
meditation state.

Cool Breeze

The Kundalini is a Cool Breeze that is Silence. This cool breeze can be felt on the tops of our heads, on the palms of our hands, on our bodies at the points of the chakras and nadis (channels) and on the soles of our feet. At first, it may only be felt on the palms or at the top of the head but as we progress in our practice the cool breeze becomes stronger and stronger.

The aim of Sahaja Yoga is to feel this cool breeze at all times. If we can feel the cool breeze, it means we are in an integrated state. Integration makes us balanced. We think and plan better, we feel better, we deal with issues better, and we come up with better solutions. We become empowered to manage our lives better, giving us satisfaction. Being satisfied stops us from being greedy, angry, manipulative, dogmatic and all those things that make us unhappy with ourselves deep down.

The general rule of thumb is that the sensation of coolness indicates that the center or channel is clear and in a good state. Tingling sensations or a warm or hot breeze indicate that the Kundalini energy is working on clearing that specific center or channel.

Sahaja Yoga is a method by which our pure desire is fulfilled through an instrument, we can say, or the energy called as Kundalini which is in the triangular bone. All the time it is there. All the human beings have this energy in the triangular bone. Now this power is placed in the triangular bone in every human being which is at the base of the spine. Which is called as Sacrum Bone. That shows that people knew that it is a sacred bone in Greece and they called it Sacrum Bone. The knowledge about Kundalini was known to many people before also. But now how to awaken it, is possible to be understood through Sahaja Yoga.

When this Kundalini rises, she passes through six centers. The seventh center guards the chastity of this Kundalini. And when she arises, through these six centers, she enlightens them and integrates them and then pierces through the seventh center which we call as the last center of evolution. This center is placed in the area which was a soft bone on top of your head when you were born. This center was closed during the growth of the child and later on when the Kundalini rises, she pierces through this center emitting cool breeze out of your own head. It could be hot in the beginning but later on it cools down. Also, it starts emitting cool vibrations from your hands and fingers. This is not yet complete You have to practice raising of the Kundalini, establishing it permanently, till you achieve a state of Self-realization.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


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