Correct information about yoga

  • Original Yoga System has been established by Patanjali 14,000 years ago in India.
  • He had written a book which described eight components (spiritual paths) of Yoga that are to be done. Ashtangas.
    1. Yamas (Ethical Rules)
    2. Niyama (Virtuous Habits)
    3. Asana (Physical Posture)
    4. Pranayama (Control of Breath)
    5. Pratyahara (Control of Sense)
    6. Dharana (Concentration)
    7. Dhyana (Meditation)
    8. Samadhi (Awareness)
  • The purpose of describing all these paths is to achieve Self-realization and how to maintain and establish in your life.
  • Patanjali’s traditional yoga system cannot be done in our modern time. Because you have to live under the guidance of a realized guru.
  • Sahaja Yoga is the evolved version of traditional yoga system.
  • Yoga means union with your Spirit and with Creative Power of the Universe.
  • Yoga is not physical exercise where many people are doing these days.
  • Phyical yoga exercises have been introduced in the last 100 years by unauthorized people.
  • Yoga is not standing on your heads or doing Asanas.
  • Doing Asanas, Pranayama or physical yoga for long time may create imbalance in your life.