Correct information about Chakras

  • Chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, because the chakras rotate, clockwise, like wheels.
  • Each chakra has different qualities and, by awakening these chakras, we can awaken and enhance these qualities within us, making us more balanced and integrated personalities.
  • Don’t try to open or clean your chakras without first getting your Self-realization.
  • Chakras cannot be cleaned from outside using stone or any other material. Only your inner power Kundalini can do this work.
  • You cannot see your own chakras or chakras of others. If you see, this means blockage in your 6th chakra.
  • Don’t use any YouTube video that says they can heal your chakras.
  • After Self-realization, your hands become so sensitive to vibrations. Any blockage in your chakras can be felt as tingling or heat in your hands.
  • After your Kundalini is awakened, she will clean the blockages in your chakras and you will feel cool breeze in your hands instead of tingling or heat.