Asanas (physical yoga postures) are necessary for everyone?

No. Asanas must be done very carefully only when it is really necessary and there is physical problem in a chakra. Without getting Self-realization, you cannot know where is the problem. You must know which Asanas to be done and when.

Doing all the Asanas together or doing randomly may harm you. Because this is like taking all types of medicine at the same time and expecting to be better and recovered. This is a wrong thing. You must have discrimination. You must have the full idea about the scientific side of it.

  • Yoga is not physical exercise where many people are doing these days.
  • It is not standing on your heads or doing Asanas.
  • It is not for weight loss.
  • Physical yoga exercises have been introduced in the last 100 years by unauthorized people.
  • It became a business and big marketing tool recently in the West to earn money.
  • These exercises are created by people who are nothing to do with original Yoga system.

You are not only physical being. Physical being is not very important. You are also emotional, mental and most importantly spiritual being and that spiritual being has to manifest in your life. Doing physical yoga for long time may bring you some imbalance like emotionally not alright, unhappiness, lack of love, ego…