Quick start-up guide to Sahaja Yoga

The yoga of modern times, “Sahaja Yoga” is the evolved version of traditional yoga system. Shri Mataji has developed this unique yoga for all the seekers who are searching for their spiritual enlightenment.

After Sahaja Yoga, no need to go to Himalayas or standing on your heads. No need to do any Asanas or physical yoga techniques. Because they are no more needed.

Welcome to the Yoga of Modern Times!

Sahaja Yoga starts with Self-realization experience which is the awakening of your inner pure power called Kundalini. This inner awakening and how to maintain it was the purpose of traditional yoga system which was established 14,000 years ago by the great Indian scholar Patanjali.

Kundalini only awakens in the presence of pure vibrations. In our modern times, she only awakens in the presence of Shri Mataji or her photo. The very difficult task in the old days became very easy now with the guidance of Shri Mataji.

STEP 1 – Self-realization

Self-realization is the first step in your spiritual journey. Without Self-realization, you cannot understand who you really are. You cannot understand the meaning of your life. Because with Self-realization, you become one with your pure Spirit and the Creative Power of the Universe.

In order to achieve your Self-realization, watch the below video guided by Shri Mataji. Do all the steps carefully with full heart. Repeat this video for minimum of 3 days every morning and night.

After you experience your Self-realization with the help of Shri Mataji, you should start balancing your emotional and mental side as well as your chakras by following the next steps. Because your mind is still active and may create many thoughts and noise. You have to achieve thoughtless awareness state where there is no thought in your mind. This state will come to you with practice.

STEP 2 – Giving yourself a shield of protection

Start this step only if you repeat Step-1 for minimum of 3 days.

Before and after every meditation in Sahaja Yoga, you should do Kundalini Bandhan technique. When you learn this technique, you can continue to Step-3.

STEP 3 – Balancing

Your emotional and mental activity may prevent you from feeling happy and peaceful. That’s why balancing techniques are very important in Sahaja Yoga. Learn how to balance your emotional and mental side from the below video. Repeat this balancing technique every day.

Now let’s summarize what you have learnt so far.

Every day in the morning and evening you should do your meditations in the below order:

  1. Kundalini Bandhan
  2. Balancing
  3. Self-realization
  4. Kundalini Bandhan

STEP 4 – Footsoak

Start this step only if you have learnt the previous steps very good.

Footsoak is one of the best way to clean your negative energy and refresh you. Repeat this technique every night before you go to sleep. After footsoak, you can repeat Self-realization meditation.

STEP 5 – Morning Meditation

Morning meditation should be short and effective. In the mornings, no need to repeat Self-realization meditation any more. Instead, repeat the below special meditation.

Now let’s summarize all the steps and how to use them in your daily meditations in Sahaja Yoga.

In the mornings (any time – earlier is better)

  1. Kundalini Bandhan
  2. Morning Meditation
  3. Kundalini Bandhan

At nights (before you go to sleep)

  1. Kundalini Bandhan
  2. Balancing
  3. Footsoak
  4. Self-realization
  5. Kundalini Bandhan

If you want, you can combine Balancing and Footsoak together so during footsoak you can do the balancing techniques.

We hope these steps will help you start Sahaja Yoga quickly and establish your Self-realization in your life.

This is just the beginning in Sahaja Yoga. The rest will come with your pure desire.

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