Public Program in New York 2002

The power of realization is so great, not that it enlightens you but it enlightens others, it enlightens the atmosphere. You become so sensitive, at the same time you are so well protected. You can solve many problems. You can do so many things which you could never have been able to do.

There is a power within all of you which is the Kundalini, which is three and a half coiled energy in your… I should say behind your triangular bone, or it is inside it and is waiting for that moment when it can be awakened and it can pass through the different centers piercing through your fontanel bone area. And that’s how you get your Self-realization that you feel cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. It’s an actualization. It is not my lecture or reading or anything. It’s actualization which has to take place. If you don’t get it, doesn’t matter. Next time you can get it, but most of them do get it in a collective way. It’s very surprising that it took so much, so many years for people to come to this state where they are asking for the real thing. This is your own. This power is your own. And it is just waiting there to be awakened. Any amount of lecturing, any amount of reading, nothing can help. What is needed is just a quiet mind and it works. It works under every circumstances. It’s very surprising, this was the time perhaps, was meant to be this way. I’ve been to this country many a times before also. First time when I came, I was so surprised how people were running after falsehood. So I gave it up. After nine years I came thinking that what’s the matter with these people? Why can’t they understand what they have to achieve? What they have to get? I couldn’t understand why they were satisfied with all kinds of nonsense. And somehow they came to America and prospered here with all their untruth. It’s very sad that we have lost so many beautiful seekers in their pursuit. Now I have to tell you one thing, simple thing, that you must know that you have every right to know yourself, to become self-realized, every one of you. Nobody can force it and nobody can deny it. It is your fundamental right by which you can get your Self-realization. If you are human being that’s sufficient, whether you belong to America, or to India or to any other place, everyone has this right, to get your Self-realization. As a result of Self-realization what happens, that’s the point. But the most important thing is that you become a very peaceful person. You’ll become a very balanced person. You become the witness. It’s a state in which, watch everything. You do not react but you watch and your presence itself will help people. The power of realization is so great, not that it enlightens you but it enlightens others, it enlightens the atmosphere. You become so sensitive, at the same time you are so well protected. You can solve many problems. You can do so many things which you could never have been able to do. This is what you all are seeking, nothing else. This is what you want, nothing else. And this is what you should get it. No use going into blind place and trying to find out something which we do not know. With this, your health will improve, your wealth will improve, your temperament will improve and you’ll become such a compassionate, such a beautiful person that people will be amazed how you have achieved this state. It’s very beautiful and surprisingly you may belong to any, any country, far away from each other, where the people don’t know each other and such love and such understanding. This is beyond me sometimes, you see, how beautifully they blend together, mix together and learn from each other. Such love, such compassion and such power is there your own your own. You don’t have to pay for it. You don’t have to do anything of the kind; just you have to get your Kundalini awakened, which is very, very easy to do and it works out. The time has come I think for en-mass awakening, time has come and that’s why, well we have to work it out. It’s not by reading books or doing all kinds of rituals that you will achieve it. It’s just within yourself where the Kundalini rises, passes through these various centers. Then you can learn what is this, how it works, how it helps you, how it educates you, and how it gives you knowledge. It’s really remarkable and it works in every country. It’s very surprising that people told me that in America it will never work. I said why? Because they are only after gurus and would take money and make big things. I said all right. After all they are human beings. And as human beings all their ideas will change. And they will seek their peace and joy. It’s a very different area into which you have to enter and you enter into it, without doing anything whatsoever, only your Kundalini rises and gives your Self-realization. It is effortless. Don’t have to make any efforts standing on your heads or anything. Just wherever you are sitting to get your Self-realization. And once you get it you grow into it. You grow into it so well. You become so empowered. You are amazed sometimes. You see people who were never poets; they’ve suddenly become poets. There are people who ever could do anything on the stage, were so frightened, have become great speakers. There are musicians who said, “Mother we didn’t know how to sing”. So all kinds of creativity comes into it. How it comes and how suddenly it has started they don’t know. You become extremely creative and you start appreciating in a very subtle way the creativity of others. Then, this stupid thing called greed, which has captured your country now also is like this that when people get some money, the taste of that money makes them greedy. As simple as that. Now what happens with Sahaja Yoga, you don’t have any greed. The greed finishes. You are a satisfied soul. Why will you ask for so many cars, so many aero planes, not needed. Because you become a wise person, become, becoming is the point. You become so wise that you don’t hanker after things. You are extremely satisfied. No doubt. But also they become very compassionate, extremely compassionate. And they don’t understand from where did they get this compassion, very compassionate people. Thirdly, they become thoughtlessly aware. That means complete silence within. You see something and you become silent. You don’t react, just you see. So enjoyable to see something clearly. But when you see something your vibrations act. It’s a very powerful personality that when you see something your vibrations act and they work it out. They can solve all kinds of problems. These vibrations can tell you what’s wrong with the other person, what’s wrong with certain countries. And also you should know how to correct it. If you can find out how you can correct this, problem is solved. And it’s so gentle and so sweet that you don’t have to fight with it, just works. You’re all capable of becoming that powerful person, of that compassion, of that love and understanding and you just develop this thoughtless awareness, which is a very important state, which you don’t feel bored, you don’t get upset, you’re absolutely silently watching everything and you become such a congenial personality that those who come in contact with you also become very, very congenial. You can give realizations to others. You yourself can do it. It’s not only that you get your realization but you can give realization. It’s very surprising that you become so powerful. You can change the atmosphere. You can work out so many things just with turning of your hand and all the bad things like we should say all the things that are very destructive, you just don’t like it, just give up like that. It’s very surprising how the more advanced we are, the less chances there are, because we are lost, lost in the forest of advancement. But despite all that, people find it so difficult to exist in such busy atmosphere, they come to Sahaj and they get completely peaceful. Whatever it is, whatever kind of life it is, they are absolutely peaceful. And you give peace to others.