Public Program in London 2001

I have seen such beautiful side of human beings after they have got realization. No cruelty of any kind, no unkindness, always forgiveness, such a lot of people have become now so sweet.

Very happy to see all of you here. Now I can’t say that you are the seekers but you are the ones who have found it. It’s something so fulfilling. Imagine in the olden days the custom was, I mean, it was so that one guru could give realization to one person, with very great reluctance First they had to go through all kinds of tests, all kinds of… …tapasya as they call it, very very strict penance. And out of that they would select one person to get Self-realization. Imagine what you have got in such a short time! But, with that long period of ordeal, they developed a great sense of respecting their Self-realization, of understanding what is this. Understanding their own powers, understanding their own duties. And they were not so many. One single person fighting the whole society with his lofty ideas. While today you are so many, all of you are in fraternity, in love with each other. Nobody is going to torture you, nobody is going to take you to task, but you yourself will feel like spreading Sahaja Yoga, giving love and life to people. It will come spontaneously within you.

Actually Kundalini has risen in many of you, most of you. It has pierced also the fontanelle bone area, no doubt, but still it comes down sometimes, comes down to cure you. Supposing you are a liver patient, the Kundalini will come down and put full attention to your liver and try to improve your liver. She looks after you. She is your individual Mother. Everyone has that Mother within you. And that Mother is the one that guides you, looks after you and takes you to the right path. And that’s how you’ll start your new growth in Sahaja Yoga. You become a different personality. Then your attention starts moving away from you to others. That’s the sign you are fully grown. If that happens that your attention doesn’t go to yourself, it goes to others and you are worried about others.

I had gone to Russia first time, and I was surprised, twenty-five people from Germany and Austria came there on their own, I never called them, organized their stay and everything. And I said ‘Why are you here? How are you here? How did you come? What is the specialty of Russia?’ And they said, ‘Mother, our forefathers had done so much harm to them so we just couldn’t help it.’ It’s a kind of a tremendous love and understanding about the problems of Russians during war. And they were telling me what all had happened to Russians. I was surprised. I asked them ‘Who told you?’ ‘Our father, our grandfather, who were repenting what they have done. But they are no more now so we thought we had better come and do some service.’ It’s very much touching to me.

I have seen such beautiful side of human beings after they have got realization. No cruelty of any kind, no unkindness, always forgiveness, such a lot of people have become now so sweet. Only thing is, first stage is thoughtless awareness, which you have to achieve. If you have achieved the thoughtless awareness then you have crossed one step. That is the main thing. You have to become thoughtlessly aware. It’s not difficult. There’s a sanskrit saying that you start saying ‘no’ to every thought. Whatever thought comes in… ‘Ya neti neti wachane nigamor awachus’. Just go on saying ‘No. Not this thought. Not this thought. Not this thought.’ And you can achieve it. Also raising Kundalini, forgiving people, you can achieve it. Also if you can find out why these thoughts are coming to you, what is the source of this thought. If you could just see what is the source then you can do it. Suddenly you will find you are silent, you are not thinking but you are aware, fully aware and aware of so many things of which you were never aware. It’s something you have to practice, is to become thoughtlessly aware. But one has to work it out, that you look at something without thinking. Try! Try to do that. I know it’s difficult for some people because too much of thoughts in the mind all the time.

Now the thought comes from the left or from the right, that is it comes from the past, from our conditionings, and comes from the right with our ego and futuristic ideas. All the time. So one thought will rise, fall, another will fall and rise and we are jumping on the cusp of the thoughts. But when Kundalini rises, what happens that these thoughts elongate and the space in between is created that is thoughtless awareness. Now how to do it is the problem with people. [By] raising your Kundalini. You raise your Kundalini, raise the Kundalini of others, suddenly you will find that you become thoughtlessly aware. Not difficult.

This awareness gives a new dimension to your attention. You develop an attention that works, that works. Sitting down here, if you want to think about something, this attention will go and work out the problem. It works out. You can also do it. But if your attention is on small, small things like ‘My father is like sister-in-law is like this’ all this kind of things, you forget. And don’t condemn yourself either. If you condemn yourself it’s of no use because now you are a realized soul. There is no need to condemn but just to watch without thinking. That’s what is called as sakshi, is the witness state. That witness state you have to attain and once you attain that witness state you start enjoying everything. Supposing somebody is nasty, you can see the humour behind that. Supposing somebody is aggressive, you can just smile at it. You can see that, poor thing you know, he’s doing something wrong because he can’t help it, or she is mischievous doesn’t matter, she’ll be alright. An attitude of an innocent personality. You are innocent you don’t see anything wrong with anyone. If you are cunning you see everybody as cunning.

So many beautiful people come up. They become so beautiful and so nice, so relaxed, so balanced that amazing, you are surprised at yourself that ‘I had all this treasure within me? All this beauty within me? Which I am absolutely enjoying.’

You enjoy yourself you enjoy others you enjoy every little bit of it.