Benefits of Thoughtless Awareness

In that area which is peace within ourselves, when you arrive, you become absolutely peaceful.

If I tell you go to your present, you cannot. You cannot enter into your present. So these thoughts which are coming from the past and the future are all the time disturbing you and you are jumping on the cusp of these thoughts. But when this Kundalini rises, she elongates those thoughts. In between is the area which we call as the pause, vilamba, where your attention goes and you become silent. No thoughts, but you are fully aware.

So achieve a state that we call as thoughtless awareness, about which Jung has talked. Thoughtless awareness, where you are without any thought, in the present, that is reality. Present is the reality, not the future, not the past.

So you stand in that area, which is peace for us. So in that area which is peace within ourselves, when you arrive, you become absolutely peaceful. All this stress, strain of life finishes all and you become absolutely peaceful and this peace comes to you so beautifully, you drop so many years of your age. You become dynamic, you become compassionate, you work very hard, you travel, but it does not show, it does not work on you, it is just outside that you witness, see it as a witness. Like a drama, as you see, the witnessing of a drama of this world, nature, all kinds of things that you see is a drama.

Thus you become extremely peaceful. I know of people who have got rewards of peace, foundation of peace, all kinds of things, but they are horribly hot tempered, horribly. If you talk to them, you have to approach them with a barge pole. Otherwise is very dangerous, extremely hot tempered people, you cannot talk to them. I do not know how they have become people who are supposed to have become symbol of peace, but those who do not have any peace within, cannot emit peace outside.

So this area, which I call as an area of peace, exists within you. Once it is established, you will be amazed how many things can happen to you. Firstly what happens to you, you can sleep very well, you are always fresh and also your memory improves. That is the greatest thing that happens that your memory improves. Then your relationship with others also improves, your relationship with others also improves because you are so peaceful. Another person who comes to you sees your peace and enjoys it.